Ubuntu 12.04 problems with NVIDIA® GeForce® 8400M

So finally I’ve got my old laptop working with the current Ubuntu 12.04 release.

To do this I’ve followed this user advice and completely removed the proprietary NVIDIA driver:

sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia*
sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau libdrm-nouveau1a nouveau-firmware

Reference: [8400m] nvidia-graphics-drivers (295.33-0ubuntu1), is causing failed restarts. shutdowns & only a blackscreen on tty’s other than tty7

Unity Launcher Editor in Ubuntu 12.04

To run the Unity Launcher Editor in Ubuntu 12.04 you need to run the following commands in the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install bzr
bzr branch lp:unity-launcher-editor
cd unity-launcher-editor/

I’ve noticed that many bloggers are telling you that you should run it by using the “~/unity-launcher-editor/unitylaunchereditor/main.py”, but that file no longer exists.

Small UI failures on Ubuntu 12.04

Today I’ve upgraded to the new Ubuntu version 12.04 Precise Pangolim and I found that some UI needs to be updated to 2012 year! ;)

Missing tooltips in the “Dash Home”

Basically when an UI is intended to mouse point usage it should show tooltips when you hover over some button. The “Home”, “Files”, “Music” and “Video” icons are well understood, but the “Apps” icon makes no sense… To solve this when you hover over those buttons it should appear a tooltip like “Show Applications”/”Show Vídeo Collection”…

Missing visual feedback when opening apps outside the Launcher bar

Ok this is another weird ( I say weird, because it’s weird that in 2012 things like this still happen) issue on the UI, that don’t show any type of feedback to the user while he is waiting for the app to launch. Loading indicators are a standard and they are a standard for a reason, don’t you think?