Blackberry Javascript Extension using an external library

I have a BlackBerry WebWorks project that needed to use Omniture reporting. Since Omniture already have an library for BlackBerry, I’ve decided to create an JavaScript Ext that would expose that functionality to the web application.

The only thing that you need to do differently from creating another regular JS Ext is that you need to include a new “<dependencies>” tag in the library.xml file, with the relative location of the external library.
Here it’s the example:

   <feature id="xxx" version="1.0.0" >XXX</feature>
   <jar path="omni.jar" />

Use Fatsort to order MP3 files (Linux)

Fatsort ( is a very useful tool to order your MP3s so you can listen in your MP3 hardware player.

Fatsort is command line tool that allow you to order your files in a USB stick. It’s usage is very simple:

1) First get the device location by typing “sudo mount”. There you should find something like “/dev/sdb1″.

2) Unmount this device: “sudo eject /dev/sdb1″

3) Apply the fatsort to that unmounted device: “sudo fatsort /dev/sdb1″

And it’s done :)

Subclipse 1.4.7 in Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) using Ubuntu 8.10

Since I’ve made a Fresh Ubuntu install in my laptop, now I’ve to setup the environment so I can do some working in the laptop ;)

The company that I’m working now only uses PHP, so the production IDE that I use is Eclipse PDT. The great thing about Eclipse, is it’s huge plugin repository, and the one that’ll be talking here is the Subclipse.

Subeclipse is on 1.4.7 version and it’s a great SVN plugin (the only one I know ;)).

Installation Instructions

This installation instructions are based on Download and Install with the difference that here I’ll be showing Subclipse installation process for Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) and screens were captured in Eclipse 3.4.0 running on Ubuntu 8.10.

Step 1:

Begin the installation from the Eclipse Help menu item.

Software Updates
Software Updates

Step 2:

This screen will vary depending on the features you have installed already. You want to click on the New Remote Site button. If you are behind a proxy and the Eclipse install mechanism does not work, then you can download a zipped version of the update site and then click the New Local Site button instead.

Software Updates and Add-ons
Software Updates and Add-ons

Step 3:

This screen is showing the Add Site dialog, filled in with the correct information to install Subclipse 1.4.7 (url:

Add Site
Add Site

Step 4:

When you first come back to this screen, the site you added will NOT be selected. Be sure to select it before clicking Next.


Step 5:

This next screen shows all of the features that are available to install.

Confirm Install
Confirm Install

Step 6:

Click the button to accept the license agreement.


Step 7:

Eclipse needs to be restarted after installing Subclipse.


Step 8:

Finally, after restarting Eclipse, you can do Import and checkout a Project from SVN


How to view only unread messages in GMail

This was something that have been bothering me for a long time, since I’ve some unread messages but I didn’t knew how to find them.
Finally I’ve decided to google “gmail feature request”, and the 5th hit says “Gmail feature request – show unread messages first;)
So, basically you put “label:unread” in the search box and you get all the unread messages :)

Daniel Botelho