Samsung Galaxy S3 killer feature: Smart Stay!

I’ve been playing around with an SGS3 for a couple weeks now, and I must admit that I’m pretty impressed with this device.

I’m one of those early android adopters that bought an HTC Hero and I’ve been using it for around 4.5 years. I know that it has really old hardware and it’s many Android versions older than this SGS3 device, but I was using it primarily as a phone (making calls/SMS) and as an application tester, so it worked well and had good battery life.

I’m not going to do here a device review (because I’m sure that you can find a lot of those), and I’m just going to point out what for me is this device killer feature:




Smart Stay!

When you have a screen as big as this, you don’t scroll pages as often as you would on a device with a smaller one. Without this feature, I believe that it would be really annoying having to touch the screen every 30s just so it wouldn’t go to sleep.

I believe that Samsung got it right, and I believe that this feature should be in all tablet devices too!