Unity Launcher Editor in Ubuntu 12.04

To run the Unity Launcher Editor in Ubuntu 12.04 you need to run the following commands in the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install bzr
bzr branch lp:unity-launcher-editor
cd unity-launcher-editor/

I’ve noticed that many bloggers are telling you that you should run it by using the “~/unity-launcher-editor/unitylaunchereditor/main.py”, but that file no longer exists.

  • Ruben Scz01


  • Fati Kommando


  • Xxx

    The instructions to use the Launcher editor do not work. I have installedm but when I issue the command  ‘bzr branch lp:unity-launcher-editor’ I get an error saying, ‘You have not informed bzr of your Launchpad ID, and you must do this to
    write to Launchpad or access private data.  See “bzr help launchpad-login”‘
    WTF is Launchpad??

    When I use bzr help launchpad-login, I see: ‘ When communicating with Launchpad, some commands need to know your Launchpad user ID.  This command can be used to set or show the  user ID that Bazaar will use for such communication.’

    Bazaar??? Is this what they call ‘help’?