Use Fatsort to order MP3 files (Linux)

Fatsort ( is a very useful tool to order your MP3s so you can listen in your MP3 hardware player.

Fatsort is command line tool that allow you to order your files in a USB stick. It’s usage is very simple:

1) First get the device location by typing “sudo mount”. There you should find something like “/dev/sdb1″.

2) Unmount this device: “sudo eject /dev/sdb1″

3) Apply the fatsort to that unmounted device: “sudo fatsort /dev/sdb1″

And it’s done :)

  • guest_man

    Hello all.
    A program that uses fatsort and is more end-user friendly:

    Have fun!

  • Allen Vanbeldt

    “sudo eject” didn’t work for me, but I did “sudu umount” instead and it worked a charm. This followed multiple attempts to find a Windows solution, which I assumed would be easier, because FAT and everything. But Linux wins this time, muahaha!