Blackberry Widget dialog and menu conflict issue for OS 6.x

If you have developed a Blackberry Widget app that uses features and blackberry.ui.dialog in the same application, you’ve noticed that your application won’t work on devices that have OS version 6.x (like the Torch 9800 -

To fix this I’ve developed an Javascript Widget Extension that actually does the same as blackberry.ui.dialog but that uses another namespace( to avoid conflict with

To use this Widget you should do this:

  • Download the blackberry.ui.dialoger and put this file in projects directory “ext”;
  • Go to applications “config.xml” and replace “blackberry.ui.dialog” for “blackberry.ui.dialoger”
  • Then replace all occurrences of  “blackberry.ui.dialog” for “blackberry.ui.dialoger” in your widget source code
  • And it’s Done!

Now your application can run in both OS 5.x and OS 6.x, and supports dialogs and menu items!

Best regards,

Daniel Botelho

  • Sefi

    Brilliant… thank you.

  • Ahsan shakir is still not working. still giving me undefind exception.