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Interesting things – October 22, 2010

Running J2ME applications and midlets on Android is possible?

This port is merely a proof-of-concept that running J2ME applications and midlets on Android is possible. The builds are far from complete and deploying all the components (phoneME VM + Android frontend wrapper + JNI bindings) on your device is not trivial. Have a look at some of the screenshots. Here are a few of the main issues that had to be resolved.

Haven’t tested it yet, but checkout this:

Parsing XML namespace elements with jQuery

Let’s assume that we have loaded through AJAX an XML file and we wanted to parse a XML element “artist” with the namespace “palcoprincipal” to get the Artist name:

<palcoprincipal:artist>Cool Artist </palcoprincipal:artist>

You may be tempted to parse it like this:


but it won’t work.
The correct way (and multi-browser-way) is like this: